For decades, independent financial advisors and insurance professionals have been a mainstay of America’s financial and insurance professionals’ landscape.

They have helped millions of hard-working people in the U.S. make their retirement dreams a reality. But they’ve never had a united voice. Until now.

The founding members of the American Associations of Independent Advisors (or AAIA) saw an opportunity and need to unite the voices, expertise, and experience of the thousands of independent professionals throughout the country to benefit their fellow professionals as well as the clients they serve. With a strong belief that independence is a valuable asset that enables them to offer clients a broader range of products and strategies than other professionals might, and that independent financial and insurance professionals should hold themselves to the highest standard, they established the American Association of Independent Advisors.

If you’re an independent advisor or insurance agent who strongly believes your independence is a genuine value to your clients, who is willing to uphold our high standards, and who will demonstrate to your current and prospective clients that you go the extra mile in both your personal and professional life, AAIA membership might be for you.

As an AAIA member, you’ll receive exclusive access to utilize the AAIA logo and brand in your local marketing and materials.

You’ll also receive access to AAIA-sponsored professional research papers as they become available (generally twice per year). These research papers and studies are written and completed at some of the nation’s top universities and think tanks with the goal to help you better understand your potential clients, the financial challenges they may face, and some of the best ways you can help them successfully meet those challenges.

AAIA also has a number of partnerships in place to help you continue to build your expertise and operate your business more efficiently.