Become an AAIA member.

Welcome to the registration page for membership into the American Associations of Independent Advisors (AAIA).

The American Association of Independent Advisors is a nationally organized association focused on providing education to consumers and raising awareness regarding the benefits of working with independent financial advisors and insurance producers. As an AAIA member, you’ll receive exclusive access to utilize the AAIA logo and brand in your local marketing and materials. You’ll also receive access to AAIA-sponsored professional research papers as they become available (generally twice per year). These research papers and studies are written and completed at some of the nation’s top universities and think tanks with the goal to help you better understand your potential clients, the financial challenges they may face, and some of the best ways you can help them successfully meet those challenges.

Membership Qualifications – All Members shall satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Not be convicted of any felony or any crime involving fraud or dishonesty
  2. Not filed for any personal or business bankruptcy within the last five years (exception made if filing was voluntarily withdrawn)
  3. Have no adverse action final orders for fraud or dishonesty or license revocation or surrenders based upon FINRA Broker check, NIPR, and Financial Institutions searches within the last five years.
  4. Successful completion of AAIA required CE training on Retirement Planning, Annuities, Social Security, and Ethics
  5. Up to date with continuing educational requirements in all states wherein producer is licensed to do business; and
  6. Active appointment with no fewer than 5 insurance companies for the purpose of life insurance or annuity sales (property/casualty insurance appointments do not apply).

Please complete the steps below to begin your membership registration process and receive access to benefits that AAIA provides its members.

  1. Review the NIPR disclosure and authorization on the next page and authorize the NIPR the search by selecting “I Agree” and entering your full legal name: FN, MN, LN, Suffix
  2. Once you click Submit, you’ll receive a confirmation that we’ve received your information as well as link to initiate the back ground check. Please click the link and follow the instructions. Initiating the background check will take approximately 15 minutes in most cases.
  3. If or any reason you do not meet the membership requirements as a result of any information resulting from the background check, NIPR, or FINRA reviews you will be notified in writing and given an opportunity to review and/or dispute the relevant information before a final membership decision is made.
  4. Upon successful completion of background, NIPR, FINRA, and back ground checks you will receive an email from AAIA with a link to the AAIA required training on Web CE. The email will also include a voucher # so you can complete the training.
  5. Once the CE requirements have been completed you will receive a welcome kit confirming your official AAIA membership and information regarding the member benefits.

CLICK HERE to start the application process!

If you have questions regarding the new requirements or need any assistance with these steps please, AAIA at (844)-999-2242.